Journal of Literacy and Education in Developing Societies:

Goals and Dreams


Dear Reader,

            A large number of magazines are published that describe the work of Non Government Organizations in various areas of development, highlight their successes and the problems they face to individuals interested in keeping in touch. However, broad-based interactive forums for NGOs and volunteers are few. Scientists and engineers usually access journals in their field of interest to review work that has been done in a certain area, to analyze programs and to review techniques. In this fashion, they use successful ideas developed by others to develop a program without having to start from scratch. It keeps them from rediscovering mistakes and leads to progress in the field. Archives of studies, programs, their results and analysis are imperative to growth in an area of work. Such a resource is missing in the area of grass roots development. Thus, every new group is forced to repeat mistakes and go through the learning cycle. Experience gained by other groups is not easily transferred. This effects replication of successful programs, refinement of ideas, and progress in the area. Discussion is limited to groups in geographical proximity or to those who know each other.


            The aim of this journal is to address these issues. This journal focuses on literacy and education. However, lessons we learn here, we hope, may help us develop such forums in other areas as well. The aim of this journal is to provide a forum for discussion among NGOs in developing societies to discuss programs and learn from each other’s experiences. The format of articles is designed so that programs they describe can be replicated. We hope that this journal will also foster collaborative studies and programs between groups. The journal will also be a storehouse of information that can be accessed by groups. For that purpose, an internet based version will also exist. It will be equipped with a search engine. Thus, interested individuals could access all information available on this journal on a specific topic. The internet version can be accessed at: The success of this venture is based on participation. All of us will gain from it. 


            The current format of the journal includes articles describing programs in literacy and education from India. We hope to include experiences from other developing countries as well and gain from their efforts. We would also like to include articles and critiques of government programs. Since this journal hopes to foster discussion, we hope to include a section ‘Letter to the Editor’ where questions and comments regarding published articles will be presented. Another section ‘In Focus’ is designed to introduce a new or small organization that is working in education. Such an article, we hope, will be a fillip to the work of small groups and their efforts. We encourage our readers to tell us about such groups. A third section, ‘Open Questions’, will include all queries for help and suggestions that organizations might have that may be best answered by other organizations. All these sections, we hope, will increase discussion and interaction between groups. If there are other features you would like to see, we will be happy to consider them.


We also have an internet version of this journal available at If possible, we encourage you to use the internet. It will save us paper as well as publishing costs. Further, the internet version has more interactive aspects and will be of help to you as well. The purpose of this journal is communication. So please write to us and tell us what you think.



- Sanat Mohanty (on behalf of the Journal Team)